Jesus planned for you to reign in life.

Are you a ministry leader who has a deep desire to lead and love well, but struggling with stress, fatigue, or burnout?

I know how you feel, and I want to assure you that it’s possible to live strengthened, not depleted, in your leadership journey.

I’m passionate about helping leaders sustain their callings. For the past 30 years I’ve led in local churches and have witnessed many leaders fall prey to exhaustion and burnout. It doesn’t have to be this way! Jesus has empowered us with everything we need to lead well and thrive in every season of life.

You don’t have to live another day bound up by burnout or afraid of it.

Whether you’re in the midst of burnout, on the edge of it, or wanting to avoid it, Living Refreshed is the guide you need to energize your leadership.

In this book, you’ll discover:

  • Why replenishing your emotional resources is one of the most spiritual things you can do (and how to do it).
  • The 5 simple things you can do to cultivate a vibrant relationship with God (even during your busiest days).
  • How to lead well when you’re tired and there is still a lot to do.
  • Practical ways to nurture reliance and embrace the grace of your leadership role.
  • How to avoid the most common mistakes ministry leaders make in relating to their spouses, raising kids, and making friends.

You’ll also discover that scripture is abundantly clear God intended women to lead.

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What leaders are saying about Living Refreshed

“Michelle's leadership is unlike any I’ve ever known. Her wise words bring us all higher. She leads with peace in every season, and her friendship has led me into deeper realms of trust in Him. Living Refreshed isn't just a title, it's who she is. This book is a gift."  – RACHEL BROWN | Be Still Ministries

"Living Refreshed is good mentoring at its best. It’s written with layers of grace, making it relatable, practical, and best of all, doable. I’ve benefited countless times from Michelle’s wise counsel, and the words in this book mirror her life. She shares her mistakes vulnerably and invites us to share in her victories, calling us all to lead with complete freedom.” – KAREN RASMUSSEN | Better Together Ministry

"May the Lord encourage you to believe that He is ready to do for you what He is doing for Michelle, to empower you to live the refreshed life. In these pages, you will find the secrets to avoiding burn out and nurturing resilience." – DR. SUSAN HILLIS | World without Orphans, Executive Team

"Michelle Haswell is the real deal. Her vibrant relationship with God is evident on every page of this book. She is that rare leader whose life both behind the scenes and in the spotlight is marked by the same excellence. Whether you have been in leadership for years or are just now beginning to sense God’s call, this book will be a gift to you.” – BETH TEMPLETON | Hope at Home

“I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Michelle for over 25 years and can confidently say that she lives and leads the very essence of her book. Living Refreshed is a practical training tool for women in leadership and serves as a guide for young leaders and a great refresher for veterans." – PASTOR LESLEY A CAMPBELL | Harvey Campbell Ministries

"Michelle's ministry always brings me encouragement, healing, and guidance. She never fails to evoke courage in my life. It is a privilege to have her life-lessons with Jesus collected in this book. Living Refreshed is a must-read for every woman in leadership.” – LUCINDA RASMUSSEN | Naestved City Church, Denmark

"In 1993 I accepted an invitation from the Lord to listen, observe, learn from, and to apply the loving wisdom He has imparted to my mentor and friend, Michelle. This has been a consistent, silk cushion for me to personally fall back on through 26 years of being challenged, inspired, and encouraged! Michelle, you delight my soul... women everywhere will “Live Refreshed” as they hear our Lord speak through your words.” – BRIDGET ELLWOOD | The Bridge Church for all Nations, Pickering, Canada

"Living Refreshed is a powerful read on how to stay healthy and empowered in ministry. It is packed with wisdom and Biblical truth that will sustain any leader who takes them to heart.” – JEN GRENFELL | Free Life Church, Virginia

“Michelle Haswell is a gifted leader who is paving the way for women leading in their sphere of influence. Her book, Living Refreshed, is packed with wisdom and authenticity and, I believe that as you read her words you will lean into and embrace who you are and what you were born for. This book is a testament to Michelle’s consistency and commitment to pursue her best life." – TES JAHNIG | Senior Pastor Linc Church, South Africa

Click here to buy the book on Amazon!