Jesus planned for you to reign in life.

This is God’s reminder to you today:

“Constantly remember that I love you, and don’t let it out of sight or mind, because you need to know my love as the bedrock of your life. There will be many asking, ‘Why you? Why this blessing on your family?’ Don’t waste a minute worrying about them at all, their opinions hold no weight, add no life, can move no mountains.”

“Yet I will give you authority to do all of that. Yours will be a mountain-moving faith, because you are so established in my love for you. Drink deep of my unfailing love. It cannot falter and does not run dry. From everlasting to everlasting my great love is for my bride. Many indulgences and poor decisions are brokered by separation from my love. See to it that this does not happen with you. Soak yourself in my love, meditate on it, become a master practitioner of it, and my love for you will be a shield that saves you from the habits of the broken and the decisions of the blind.”