Jesus planned for you to reign in life.

Recently I was praying and waiting on the Lord for our nation. This is what I believe I heard from Him.

America there is a roar in the heavens over you. There is a fight in the heaven-lies for the soul of this nation. My roar and my voice will keep the flames back and will not allow the enemies plan of destruction to prosper.

The scales in the heaven-lies are being tipped by the prayers of my people.

I am the lion of the tribe of Judah and I have positioned myself at the gates of this nation.

This remains a year of my justice over you, but for justice to happen, injustice must be revealed. It is like a strong root that is holding on so as not to be revealed and pulled out - but the soil around this root that has been hidden is loosening as my people are praying and declaring my voice over this nation. These roots go deep as they have been there for many years but when the wind of my spirit blows at full force they will be exposed and seen. Even those who have admired the tall trees will be shocked. This is a spiritual battle and needs to be fought in the spirit. There is a roar for justice over you America. You will still see me raise a standard against the enemy.

You will see words and phrases used in the news that you have heard prophetically.

Keep your eyes on me, keep your ear listening to my voice. because my voice speaks a better word. Keep your eyes on me America. I’m turning up the volume of my roar over you,  a roar that will expose the roots and put out the fires aimed at you. You will taste and see that I am good. Right now I am in full warrior mode. I am releasing battalions of army angels to go in where man cannot go because they don’t see. There are times when you fight and there are times when I say enough ...this is one of those times. Yours is to pray. This is a raging battle and the victory is mine says the Lord.