Jesus planned for you to reign in life.

The Lord says:

“I crown the humble with success. Humility is the best covering you can have. While others cover themselves with violence, hatred, scorn, and envy, don’t worry that your clothing looks different. It has to be. It is a badge of honor that others see how you are clothed, and although they will not always understand, the difference will be a testimony to them. Joy, relief, and the dawning of a new day await the humble. Both of your hands will be full of the testimonies and the good works I will do through and around you.”

“I work with the humble, their eyes see truth with clarity. I reveal kingdom secrets to the lowly and hide them from the haughty. I stoop down to make the humble great.

“Take heart, for now is the season of great joy and contentment for you. Now is the time of my favor.”